Assistant Manager

You are applying for work with a franchisee of Taco Bell, not Taco Bell Corp. or any of its affiliates. If hired, the franchisee will be your only employer. Franchisees are independent business owners who set their own wage and benefit programs that can vary among franchisees.
The Job Scope includes the entire restaurant operation, including:
Overall guest satisfaction (complaints and low evaluation scores are taken VERY
seriously - numerous complaints will NOT be tolerated);
Food safety, preparation, and storage (following food handling procedures are
paramount - violations are grounds for employment termination of ALL responsible,
including management);
Guest and employee safety (common sense observations - no spills, hanging tiles, or
cleaning chemicals left out, etc);
Overall security (ensure employees follow designated security procedures - violations
are grounds for employment termination of ALL responsible, including management);
Daily cleaning and sanitation (routine closing procedures are followed, checks of
utensils and soda machines at close, checking drainage grates, checking the dining
area, replacing ceiling tiles, etc.)
Ensuring the completion of any additional lists left by the RGM.
Managers are accountable and responsible for the entire restaurant during their shift(s),
including everything that gets accomplished and everything that does NOT get accomplished
by their employees. They MUST provide oversight and supervision of their employees - this
is whole point behind having a Manager-In-Charge (MIC). Managers are held responsible
for what their employees do (or fail to do) during their shifts.
Managers MUST possess the maturity and the ability to successfully guide and mentor
their team toward successful accomplishment of company goals. This will evident in
their teams. If their teams perform well then the manager will be recognized.
Must possess an ability to identify and then EFFECTIVELY correct deficiencies
among subordinate employees. Ineffective managers will be demoted.
A manager must be available for immediate recall during designated times by
providing a valid telephone number that they can be immediately reached, when
necessary. Managers that can't be reached during designated recall periods will be
demoted or terminated.
Managers must possess and utilize reliable transportation to work. Managers that do
not have reliable transportation will be demoted or terminated.
A manager must be willing and able to work all shifts and all hours that they are
scheduled. Managers unable to accommodate this requirement will be demoted or
Managers must possess a continuous cooperative attitude toward guidance and
coachings offered by supervisor(s). Disparaging remarks are never made to, or in front
of, other employees.
Is punctual in reporting to work, works all scheduled hours (minimum 50 hours
weekly and occasionally as many as 60);
Exerts high degree of energy and drive to meet customer demands and company goals;
Provides an exemplary example to employees of ideal company manager through good
hygiene, professional appearance, performance, and behavior;
Ensures food safety procedures are followed;
Ensures the physical safety of employees and guests;
Ensures store security (including making sure there are no off-duty employees or nonemployees
behind the counter or in the dining area after close).
Oversees employees' in the performance of their duties;
Ensures that the store is CORE ready at all times;
Ensure the store is FSA inspection ready at all times (dots, labels, expiration dates,
Ensures that labor percentages remain within acceptable limits by expediting product
sales (when busy), sending employees home (when slow), and on break, and by
remaining on duty, as necessary;
Ensures that product use percentages remain within acceptable limits by ensuring
constant proper portioning, supervision, and shift inventories.
Performs effectively and safely in an environment where there is constant change and
minimal direct supervision;
Makes appropriate decisions in a timely manner;
Takes necessary actions to meet customer needs;
Anticipates bottlenecks in service and acts to resolve them;
Learns and adapts quickly;
Consistently performs in a friendly, courteous and helpful manner toward customers,
co-workers and supervisors at all times.
Ensures a proper opening of the restaurant, ensuring prompt opening, quality food,
clean environment, and that a lot check is satisfactorily completed;
Ensures that all subordinate employees are well groomed, clean, adhering to all
company policies and wearing the proper uniform correctly, i.e., hat, name tag, shirt
(tucked in), pants that fit properly, etc;
Manage and guide the team, ensuring a sense of urgency in order preparation,
attentiveness toward the customers, and identifying both superior and sub-standard
Ensures product portioning remains within acceptable limits during their shift by
supervising employee performance and making spot corrections as necessary;
Ensures that the team CONSTANTLY hustles to expedite the speed of service
through proper employee deployment, guidance, and coaching. A perceived sense of
urgency by the customer is the goal. The MIC should be leading this effort.
Communicates viewpoints and concerns to fellow employees and managers in a
positive, constructive manner.
Ensures proper Cash Control policies are followed, holding employees accountable for
Ensures ALL bank deposits are correctly prepared, safe guarded and made promptly.
Initiates required maintenance calls (equipment, building, utilities, etc) and
notifications, as necessary;
Ensures TACO is opened and closed properly.
Ensures the Shift Accountability Book is updated through-out the shift;
Ensures the proper closing of the restaurant, ensuring the restaurant is clean and ready
for the next operating day (including ensuring the dumpster area is presentable and
secured properly);
Inventories products and makes product orders appropriately and correctly;
Ensures all product deliveries are stocked and labeled properly and that all stock is
rotated as required;
Ensures accurate and timely documentation of employee performance, coachings, and
disciplinary problems;
Provides hiring and termination recommendations of employees to RGM, as required.
Makes (or changes) working schedules as assigned/directed.
Restaurant security is maintained (no off-duty employees or non-employees behind the
counter or in the dining area after close).
Ensuring that Company property and equipment is maintained (not abused or broken
during the shift).
Briefing the RGM on all irregularities (i.e., broken equipment, cost over-runs, loss of
cash control, employee disciplinary issues, etc.).
Faxes nightly reports as required.
Addresses customer complaints promptly, appropriately and satisfactorily during the
Checks email at least 3 times during the shift (beginning, mid-way, end of shift) and
respond accordingly).
Perform additional duties as assigned by supervisor(s).

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.

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